Nicole Gaither

Nicole Gaither

Nicole Gaither

Nicole Gaither is a Partner with Parlatore Law Group and practices in the fields of copyright and trademark prosecution, in addition to tax law. She has demonstrated experience in prosecuting domestic trademark and copyright applications, providing brand protection through trademark monitoring, reviews of refusals, responses to refusals, assessing potential marks for use and availability, and locating opportunities for her clients to monetize their intellectual property rights and assets.

Ms. Gaither has helped numerous businesses protect their trademarks from unauthorized use. She counsels clients on all aspects of domestic and global trademark matters, including on the selection and clearance of marks, clearance and prosecution, brand management, and enforcement in the U.S. and abroad. To complement her trademark practice, Ms. Gaither also advises clients on the protection, registration, and enforcement of copyright assets.

Ms. Gaither has a wealth of experience representing the interests of her clients as they work to build and financially protect their businesses. She can assist in creating a unique trademark that meets the requirements to be registrable, advise on how to establish its use in commerce, and facilitate the registration process. She can also help protect trademarks from unauthorized use by contacting infringers and initiating litigation, if necessary.

She is admitted to practice in Louisiana and currently resides in the metropolitan Washington, DC-area.


Loyola University, New Orleans College of Law, Juris Doctor, Certificate in Taxation (May 2012)

The University of Texas at Austin, Master of Professional Accounting (August 1998)

Tulane University, Bachelor of Science in Management—Accounting (May 1997)